This handsome little terrier, with a beautiful silky coat, although only about 7 lbs. in weight,  is reputed to be one of the most courageous  small dogs willing to tackle anything.


It is highly intelligent, friendly and lovable and can fit in easily in a very small home or apartment.  It does not require a great deal of exercise.


The color is an attractive steel blue, combined with shades of  tan.   The coat is fairly long and soft, but absolutely straight without curl, and   silky in texture.


Although the coat does require a fair amount of grooming, it is encouraging to see  the results of  regular grooming that  become apparent with very little effort.   An advantage of this type of coat is that it does not moult.


The “Yorkie”, as it is affectionately known is definitely a terrier in nature.  It is bright, intelligent,  lively and alert and in spite of its size makes a very good, protective watchdog.


The breed originated in the mining communities of Yorkshire in Northern England where it was used for hunting rats in underground areas.  A small dog was developed that was brave enough to tackle the large rats, but still be small enough to be easily carried around.


A feature of the long, silky coat on the back  is that there is a definite parting of the coat down the middle.  As a result the coat hangs evenly down each side.


There is a great deal of hair on the head.   Although those  originally responsible for  breeding this brave little dog  would not doubt  be horrified,  it is  quite common to see  the hair on the top of the head  tied with a bow.


This sturdy little animal makes a delightful pet.  It is lovable, affectionate, friendly with the members of the family, very alert and protective.  If it shares a home with an animal of a larger, more powerful breed that also happens to be a good watchdog, the pair will provide excellent protection for the home.




This sturdy little animal is not  just a  lovable, affectionate lap dog.

In spite of it's tiny size, it's remarkably brave. When left  in a car it will guard the car with remarkable ferocity. For more information about this delightful breed, click